Entering Crisis Mode…

and stumped by this riddle:

According to a friend’s App, we need to have one gallon of water per person per day. Deer Park seems to have a monopoly on this hurricane season and Farm Fresh only had water available in their 1/2 liter bottles, in packs of 12. We bought 3 packs. How long will that last us?

Hopefully long enough to wash down all these Dora Spaghetti O’s…

Here Olivia is still shocked and elated that I bought them Mini Muffins and pudding snacks. We went straight to aisles in the store we had never been in before, Travis and I yelling back and forth: “Is that processed and unperishable? Throw it in the cart!”

Hurricanes are scary and stressful. But I am grateful we get warned. Imagine what it’s like to live somewhere that gets earthquakes…oh wait…

Serious prayers for everyone in harms way this weekend. If anything, this week has definitely reminded that my Firm Foundation can’t possibly be the earth I am physically standing on…

And any good Emergency Food suggestions…trail mix? cereal? Vienna sausages? I am staring down a can of peaches in “heavy syrup” and wondering if there is a better way…

One thought on “Entering Crisis Mode…

  1. Fill your bathtubs with water, so that you can pour it in the back of the toilet to flush the toilet…always thought that was dumb, but then didn’t do it and had to run out to the horse trough w/ a bucket every time I wanted to flush the toilet!


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