What really matters (and what also matters)

Last night, from the warmth of  Williamsburg’s newest Mexican restaurant, before heading home to our dry, high-powered home, I declared to Travis the realization Irene had brought to me. The night of the storm I lay on the living room floor pondering what to take if we had to flee and was grateful for two arms with which I could sweep up two little girls and run. Nothing else matters, I said, proud of my growth. Not even my precious Anthropologie rug…IT CAN ALL BURN!

 Sweeping statements made in the comfort of restaurants before returning to the comfort of home, should always be examined slowly, and over time.

 Especially when stated by people, full of chips and salsa, who do not know this sort of loss…

 (photo of Nags Head homeowners sitting on the front steps of their washed away house, courtesy of Buzzfeed)

Prayers for those this week whose lives have been disrupted by huge uprootings, or the pain of multiple calls to insurance companies, or even just never having enough ice…

Our church is hosting FREE lunch (and wi-fi) all week from 11-4 for anyone who wants it…Even those with power and blow-dried hair welcome…Come if you desire community during a Week Disrupted, (or just get really excited about buffets).

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