And there are people who can

spell restaurant

and those who clearly can’t.

Don’t worry. It’s edited now. But not before it fed to Google Reader for all eternity.

I pride myself on not using Spell Check. Lesson Learned.

I got really really far in the 5th grade spelling bee but the three words I have never been able to spell are restaurant (just never looks right), surprise (obviously needs a “Z”) and weird (i before e anyone?). Am I alone here?


“Oh For a Bowl of Fat Canary…”

“…rich palermo, sparkling sherry.” John Lyly

There are restaurants and there are restaurants.

Sometimes tourists ask me for restaurant recommendations. This thrills me.  In 3.5 minutes I can break down this burg by resturant type, price, genre, and historic period. I can graph out the Mexican restaurants, franchise row, and Colonial taverns, and then cross-index them by quality of service and appropriateness for children. Don’t get me started on my opinions about the Pancake Houses.

And if I haven’t been there…chances are you shouldn’t go. (Unless it’s Le Yaca. How in 12 years have I never been to Le Yaca? Someday…)

But there is one small place, to the left of the Cheese Shop, that is Very Special. It’s at the top of My Top Three (Top Four, if I’d ever been to Le Yaca…someday).

So when TBone called and said he wanted to take Ol RuthA there on her birthday, would we care to join? How could we resist?  This is my little sister’s birthday. At Fat Canary. I felt we had to go. We are very sacrificial like that. (Look at my beaming face of sacrifice above.)

We had a glorious night. I had the soup.( I always start with the soup. Their soups are like nothing else anywhere. )Then the quail…and then…

The Sea Salt Brownie.

(Don’t ever let me take pictures of your food. When you are  looking for a food photographer and my name pops up, fight the urge.)

Since I had it at our anniversary dinner last July,  this brownie has occupied my thought life far more than is appropriate. It’s a spiritual issue and I am not sure our reunion Sunday night helped. It is divine. And, available for take-out. My wild nights at home have just taken a turn for the delectable…

Been to the Fat Canary? What are your Top 3 – in Williamsburg or beyond?


(Still under construction…thanks for your patience…the Little Blog Elves  are working hard…)

You Know How I Feel About the Library…

But every once in a while we have a falling out. And it is usually always my fault…and the fault of a book.  Behold… my latest accomplice:

I can’t find it anywhere and every day the fines were growing and my inbox was filling with friendly reminders to return it.   But if I went  in, I would have to confess the loss and pay the lost book fee. Paying is conceding that my house, my car, my children had eaten the book. The chances of this are high to really high. But I wasn’t ready yet.

Thus the stand off began. My accrued fines kept us from checking anything new out. So every time Olivia pleaded to go to the library, I responded by grabbing the  dust buster and vacuuming behind beds, searching for George.

Yesterday, I caved. We strolled into the Childrens Section, and I announced that we would need to be checking out ” up front” today. Our Childrens Section is a lovely safe sanctuary of neutrality and reconcilation. It is a grace filled territory…only strengthened by the reality of ripped, gnawed books that have been read for decades by children as they potty train.

The Childrens Librarians can’t even scan your card to see your account. If you have any kind of “messiness’ you just take it up front. When you get it all sorted out, you return to the childrens section and no one asks any questions. I appreciate this.

So I headed up front, took out my library card’s dear friend, my credit card, and whispered “Do whatever you need to do to let us back in the library.  We can’t live this way anymore. And no, I have no idea where that book is. ”

After letting me pay my fines in full, the Kind Librarian actually gave me the benefit of the doubt that I had returned the book and perhaps they hadn’t scanned it in…She initiated a library wide search, suspending further fines, and buying me a week of living grace…before I would become proud owner of a Curious George book that I will never see again.

Then, feeling properly redeemed, I marched with my head held high back to the Children’s Section. Where of course, no one asked  -clearly the Library’s version of HIPPA.

[box]*Update:  Whenever I post about the library I inevitably get emails from out of  town readers expressing how much you hate going to the library and sharing harrowing stories. I hate going to your libraries too. We have a great library with a great children’s section. The library is also on the short list of places I can walk to, adding a magical element. Driving anywhere adds more cost after strapping in Cinderella dresses. So, fear not, oh library haters! You are not doing anything wrong. And literacy can be encouraged anywhere. Today our Literacy Lesson was sounding out T-A-R-G-E-T in the parking lot. [/box]

I Haven’t Won Anything Since…

…those Atlanta Hawks Tickets at an event for work four years ago,  when people would pay you to take their Hawks tickets off their hands…

Today, my streak was broken with this winning from Citrus Lane!  Citrus Lane does gift subscription packages. Hear this: the New Mom gets a gift box each month after they have the baby with items tailored to the needs of an infant that age (and nice things, not like nasal aspirators. Well maybe a nasal aspirator, but the most stylish one out there.)

 WHAT?! This is amazing. It’s like those emails that you get every month telling you how your child should be developing, eating, and sleeping – but so much less guilt-inducing. This is the spirit of gift giving. Why didn’t I think of this?

Okay, before you get confused, yes, it’s a Mommy to Be Basket…but I won it for Mariah,( And sorry Mariah, it’s just  one gift box this time. Clearly my giveaway luck has changed. So a subscription could be coming…)

 Maybe it’s because I wasn’t thinking about myself that the tide turned…or,

Maybe really is random, and if you enter enough giveways, eventually…

I am choosing to believe the former and learning  that lesson, so…

 Want anything I could try and win for you?

For Leah,

And anyone else who has ever lost their entire hard drive…

We will recover (some) files. We will fill (new) folders. We will (if necessary) re-create the memories.

( Expecially anything that involves someone wearing that fabulous Scarlett O’Hara dress…)

Here’s to the purchasing of external hard drives…Your experience is no doubt causing a run on the Monticello Target Electronics department…

“It’s NOT RIGHT for a woman to read… “

 “ …Soon she starts getting ideas and thinking…” Gaston, A Poor Provincial Village, Once Upon A Time

I’ve made it no secret that the Disney Princess Regime plagues me, but when asked my favorite ( a common question around here) I’ve always answered Belle.

This week, as we watched our 25 minute version (and learned a new vocab-word violence) I remembered why.

1. The love, the redemption, the sacrifice.

2.  The Post-Feminism Princess…and all she stands against (especially in what seems to be a 16th century setting?)

3. No one’s social network consists of mice.

3. The music. No one can top the Ashman/Menken team…though Elton John did compete valiently and thus I am more than a little excited about the re-release of Lion King. True sign of aging: a re-release excites me more than anything new.

And now I’ll ask … so that you are fully prepared should you be interrogated by Sophia:

Who is your favorite Disney Princess…and why?