With another weekend almost gone…

I hope you did something new… Very Sweet Womens Breakfast at the Chapel…rich laughter, deep deep wisdom

I hope you saw something new…the Red Box was good to us last night, ridiculous, but good

Or I hope you wore something new…

…after eight weeks, the Target Circo Couture pink dress was relegated to nap-and-leisure-wear, and currently replaced by this number, and one other alternative.

 I’m believing that her ability to attach and hang on for dear life will lead to deep levels of commitment to family and calling. Or it means she will have a leaning towards jobs with soft cotton uniforms. Parenting is a faith journey…

Hope your weekend brought some new delights!

For the Love of the Game

Eight years into marriage, Travis still wants me to watch baseball with him, regardless of my glazed over expression when he asks me to define “sacrificial fly”. The question I always ask, every game, every month, is “So, if they win this…is it over?” And, as a well-traveled, ambivalent baseball fan, my other question tends to be “Have I been to that park?”

Last night the answer was yes.( Unless they rebuilt it since 2002. Which they probably have. Why do they keep doing that? This is why Wrigley Field is my favorite.)

And It’s not over yet, though it kept feeling like it would be. I do enjoy the drama of it, and how someone can hit a two run triple in the ninth (look at my lingo) and keep a straight face after getting on base. You know he wants to do a ridiculous glory dance. But he picked the wrong sport for that and I find his restraint even more endearing than his hit.

 That’s  the type of sports thinking I do and yet Travis still wants me next to him, fall after fall, for these games of which he can’t get enough.

So, next year for his birthday, I might really try to figure out what the “Wild Card Race” means.

And for our ten year? I might memorize which teams are in which leagues…

No, that’s a little crazy. That might take me ten years. Maybe I’ll teach them to the girls to recite.

They’re like sponges, and already HUGE baseball fans.

I cried in Trader Joe’s the other day…

and this time it wasn’t because they were out of apple bars.

 This was being offered at the Sample Table:

All I had was one bite of the plaintain while standing next to my cart, and I was undone.  My childhood, Baba’s house, that crazy trip to PR, that other crazy trip to PR –  it all rushed over me. I recounted my life that at times feels  like ethnic fraud…and how the One in the Pink Dress kind of makes my story more believable. I remembered 3 Kings Day and tostones and big beach houses and candy drawers and Spanish words with unclear etymology. And I thought of Alzheimers, and sadness and what it feels like to miss someone while they are sitting right next to you.

And I remembered Baba writing down The Rice Recipe for me a month before I got married, a few months before her diagnosis. And how I know exactly which cookbook it’s in and how so many times, I have unfolded that paper and just run my hand over the cursive writing and yet never had the courage to make it, or maybe just to believe it was my turn.

“I’ll take three of them,” I tell the friendly Sample Woman, who can’t tell that I am choked up, or that I am Puerto Rican.

At 6.99 a box, am I prepared to hand my children their heritage, REHEATED (and from Cuba)?

Today, yes.

Tomorrow, who knows?

Somebody’s Someone

This summer, in one of my most favorite small town encounters EVER, a woman approached me and said, “Now, you are someone’s wife at our church. But whose?”  She then went on to suggest a few names. None of which were correct.

 In my Mind Full of Me, I waste so much time thinking about what people might be thinking about me. The truth was now confirmed: They aren’t thinking about me. They don’t even know who I am. 

And, in that moment, this realization was wildly comforting.

Maybe Tina Fey’s husband agrees?

This article illuminates little known spouses of very-known celebrities.

Who would you rather be?

 The celebrity (all the perks, all the glory, all the stress.)

 Or the celebrity’s spouse (all the perks, no glory, less stress).

Or two totally unknown people who think each other are superstars?

 (Look and Find Challenge: Find the name of Toby Maguire’s daughter in this story. Love. It.)

 Our church is hosting a pretty incredible marriage and relationships conference in February. More details to come. Skeptical? Don’t be. Besides,  February is a cold, grey, very LONG short month. We all will need an event.

We went home…


  A sick child meant Homecoming involved more of this…

than this…

but not before we got a good view of the parade…

(though not the best view):

It didn’t hurt to be friends with Parade Stars, either:

Someday, we told ourselves, Someday, we, too,  will be more than spectators on the curb.

Happy Monday! Hope your week is healthy and grand!


With Bravery (and In Courage), a few links

My sweet and wise  friend Abby started a blog recently. She is spending 31 days on the topic of Spending Yourself. She bravely and beautifully calls us to faith through the sharing of her journey.

I found Annie’s blog about a few months ago. She is spending 31 days on the topic of Being Brave. Annie writes like an old friend. I pretend we are friends. I hope this doesn’t scare her.

Today, I have a guest post on In Courage.

 I am in the presence of powerful writing, backed by even more powerful lives. I’m way out of my league,  humbled, and a little more brave myself…

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Cheese Shop will make over 900 sandwiches this weekend…

Are you coming home?

In a move that no doubt necessitated a re-interpretation of the Charter, and some calls to the Queen, the Homecoming  Parade is now on Friday afternoon.

I’m not sure how to react as I have never been to the parade before. It was always on Saturday, at some sort of inappropriate college hour, such as 9am. Needless to say, we will be at the parade tomorrow and Sophia told me she  is excited about putting Elmo in his Emory t-shirt.

But what I am more excited about is…The Block Party – a Block Party which actually encompasses MY BLOCK!

 A few weeks ago we got a letter from the Alumni Society inviting us to a Community Meeting to discuss the implications of said Block Party for residents. Don’t think for a minute that I wasn’t at that meeting. And don’t think that I didn’t eagerly express my excitement for this event and was about to put in a request to have a sorority construct a float in my front yard, when I had to flee because the girls were eating all the treats and tripping over the projecter wires.  I’m hopeful for next year.

Here are some highlights for the rest of the weekend:


10:00 Department Open Houses (If you’re not like me and can count on running into your old Professors at the dentist, stop by and say hello!)

11:00 Children’s Carnival on Alumni House Lawn. (There will be inflatables, enough said.)

3:30 Football Game (self-explanatory)

8:00 Saturday Night Bash in Sunken Gardens (Sounds magical)


7:00 Sunrise Service at the Wren.

How beautiful does that sound? How impossible would it be for me to get there? The WrenChapel seats 120…will it fill up at 7am? I want to go.

Somewhere in there are  shows and tailgates that I will try to make it to in between all of my Secret Society Reunions.

Love the energy of this weekend. Love living in the middle of celebrations and reunions. Love, for three days a year, not being the only one with a stroller on campus.

Hope to see you around!

I grabbed the graphic from the WM Alumni webpage…by crediting and linking, I’m gratefully avoiding an honor violation.