Beach House Books – Always a bonus

Before we left for vacation, I posted about what I planned on reading while we were away. But when we arrived at the house in Florida, this awaited me:

Beach house books! Paperbacks left by vacationers along the way with bent corners and sandy covers and plot lines that pull you in without putting you under. Delight! Can I tell you the authors whom I first met through paperbacks found on Beach rentals shelves? As a teenager this is how I read through every volume by Amy Tan and John Grisham.

This past vacation, I met Elizabeth Berg. I know I’m probably late to that party. I read two books by her from the above basket. The first I wasn’t crazy about, the second I loved, each took me about a day and a half and neither kept me up at night examining my existence. Perfect. Let me recommend this one:

 Sweet, tender, mother/daughter relationship, polio, and Elvis. (My descriptions never fail to make books sound  bizarre.)

What great books have you found or forgotten at a beach house? 



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