What I’ve Read Lately…the serious stuff…

This book surprised me…it seems to be packaged as a ministry strategy book but is actually  a collection of beautiful essays regarding connections between arts and worship. If you are a Lauren Winner reader, she writes a great essay about her struggle in “over paying” for a piece of art. (This one has a place behind Madeline L’Engle’s Walking on Water, a definite must-read.)


It seems half my Facebook feed has read or watched Half the Sky. In many ways this is one author’s response  to that life changing book. James has written about women’s identity and place in the church and this volume is a next step: once women view themselves as whole, called, and Image Bearers, what is their call to help women in the most broken parts of the world? James’ (albeit gently) indicts readers with a limited understanding of the Bible if they possess a limited understanding of middle eastern culture- then and now. Just started this one and it is immediately compelling.

My sister handed me this one in August and I finished it in a night. She had it as assigned reading when she was in grad school and much of her work currently involves play therapy which this book vividly describes. Wow. Read this if you are a parent, educator or person who interacts with other people.

What have you read that’s challenged you lately?


3 thoughts on “What I’ve Read Lately…the serious stuff…

  1. Define challenging… someone gave me those horrible “Fifty Shades” books and I have suffered through 2 and a half of them because I can’t give up on things. I still watch Grey’s Anatomy. I am that person.


  2. A book that challenged me lately was Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service written by John Tschohl. There are given examples of companies with truly excellent customer service. Those are airlines companies, hotels, restaurants – everything what provides with a customer service and how it should be in order to keep a customer base. It is said there that to keep a regular customer is more important than to attract a new customer. Of course, there are many more I read afterwards concerning customer service again because that is what I needed and still are in need of for my job. Reading such a literature helps me to do it effectively plus I can hardly find time for reading after work so… I prefer watching a movie instead or go out for a walk. I feel low if to spend a day off indoors, which is funny because i used to be a couch potato back in school and university times spedning my free time reading!


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