The Last Twenty Days in Pictures (kind of)

I need to “upgrade my WordPress” and can I just tell you that this single act may be the death of my blogging. I can’t remember my FTP password. WHAT IS A FTP PASSWORD? The first internet enterpreneur who develops password-less anything has my total loyalty.

This has been my first official week of summer. Last week I was commuting to Richmond for class, so this week I began summer with three children. It’s going to take more strategy than I realized. I am not strategic, I am reactive. Bring on the growth.

I hope to write more this summer.

I also hope to view my bedroom floor at least once this week.

(I would like to start a movement of posting what our bedroom floors look like. Or does everyone else exist in a restful sanctuary untouched by clutter? Don’t answer that.)

A few highlights…

This girl is crazy. CRAZY. Climbing, standing, falling, diving.

Sometimes I just have to pen her in:

But she’s usually not alone. Which is a good thing, because she’s already almost too big for this crib:

Well, ¬†at least I didn’t leverage my relationship with my father in assembling this “high value, space efficient” crib.

And I’ve been coping with small-house-growing-family issues by….

incorporating large creative cardboard projects!

And scary, toxic, flourescent lemurs!

See, if you bring large items into a small house, when you get rid of them you gain space! Oh the mind games we play…

Finally, this.

Good Night!




June glorious June

So said the Anthroplogie email I received this week, along with this:And I couldn’t agree more…(and don’t know how they got this picture of me…)

Kindergarten graduation was today…something I never believed in prior to being a mother, only to fight tears as they gave out awards – tears not that she made it through this year, but that I did.( What is it about my oldest? Each moment of her growth calls out my own. Leila woke up with what resembled a black eye this morning and I shrugged it off. Birth Order, how cruel you are…)

This is my favorite time of year…cleaning out desks, buying sunscreen, celebrating graduations and finales and accomplishments. We are embracing our front porch these days – letting this Baby discover solid foods over wood we will hose down vs. tile that must be mopped. And there’s something lovely and free about watching the girls bike ride while we finish eating.

Welcome June. You are hard-earned, super sweet and worth the wait.