Don’t Ever Say You’ve Seen It All

or you will be humbled

and horrified.

It took a moment for my mind to register what my eyes were seeing. I couldn’t figure out why she looked shorter than usual, or where the rest of her body was.

Then the questions kept coming: how did she get in there? do I need to give her another bath? does this count? are her shoes salvagable?

Yet indisputably, we are both very proud that she can proficiently demonstrate potty training readiness and locate her nose at the same time.

This girl’s going places.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Ever Say You’ve Seen It All

  1. I mean this sincerely, I feel like your youngest may have an old soul. Despite being in a toliet, her facial expressions speak with the wisdom of ages.


  2. I know why I’ve been in Children’s Ministry for 40+ years. I just LOVE who kids are and what they do! I’m going to bed with a smile.


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