They forgot to ask me to participate.  But I thought I’d give it a shot right now.

I’m scared of being tired. 

And not because I want to sleep. Which I do. Eventually. I’m scared of being tired because there are so many other things I want to do that I make plans and goals and set things in motion and am continually indignant when my body stops or my mood becomes horrendous.

I don’t want to be a Tired Mom or a Tired Friend, or a Tired Anyone. I don’t want to speak in that tone of voice that we all use when we’re trying to act engaged but we’re really texting. You know the one. That’s how I talk to people when I’m tired. Like I’m underwater, texting, and faking everything.

I’ve had the opportunity over this past month to speak for groups at William and Mary and for a group of women in Virginia Beach. If you were at any of those you heard me share this quote from Dorothy Bass. Because it grabbed me when I’ve read it and continues to hold on.

“The very first story of Hebrew and Christian Scriptures climaxes on the seventh day, the very first time there was a seventh day. Having created everything, God rests and blesses this day, and makes it holy. In this way, the Christian theologian Karl Barth has suggested, God declares as fully as possible just how very good creation is. Resting, God takes pleasure in what has been made; God has no regrets, no need to go on to create a still better world or a creature more wonderful than the man and woman. In the day of rest, God’s free love toward humanity takes form as time shared with them.”

God declared it good. And He rested, allowing Him to share time with humanity.

So, as I told the college students and the women. I’ve started this funny ritual of going through my house physically at the end of the day, and declaring it good. As I checked on Sophia and Olivia, I tripped over a half eaten waffle, at ten at night. I declared it good. Someone ate something, or half of something, and was nurtured here today, right?

Then I go through my day mentally and I declare it good. Not perfect, not finished. But good. With space to begin tomorrow. Because if God is truly Good, and with us and in us and for us, then do the math. In the middle and in the messes, He is good, and we can declare things good – and rest. 

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