It’s possible to fall asleep during an ultra sound and other summer lessons learned (so far)

We aren’t finding out the gender of this baby. We’re focusing on the magic here. Fourth and final. Big surprise. Here we go. Magic.

So I was stressed about the ultrasound. Will I be able to really not ask? Will I be able to tell from the screen myself? Will the Ultra Sound Tech tell everyone else in the office just so I feel left out?

It didn’t matter. I got in that dimly lit room and laid down on the table and I was practically snoring. The tech invited me to stay. She didn’t have another test for a few hours, I could take my time. I was tempted.

Summer’s been crazy. Life has been crazy. I am crazy.  We joined the swim team.  Okay, she joined the swim team.

But really it’s a family effort because summer swim team is a lot of time, and a lot of work. Good thing because if you know me, I live for sports and structure. Hmm…

Yes, we are at the pool every morning at 8:15 and that girl is doing laps in the water and I feel a bit like a hypocrite encouraging her to do it because I’ve done few laps in my life and when I was growing up “swimming” was what I did to cool off from sitting there. But alas, it’s been a win and she’s learning a ton, and we are all actually thriving on the structure.

Though some of us are still not as excited as the rest of the Williamsburg Culture about the five hour long swim meets:

But we’re getting there.

Lesson 2: Don’t let your husband volunteer to run the pool vending machine. 

Meanwhile, as Sophia is doing her laps and Olivia and Leila are wading in the kids pool and I’m struggling in confusion over what “50 Free” even means, Travis is restocking the vending machine. He volunteered to take on this project one blissful early summer night when we had all headed over to “Meet the Coaches” and enjoy a bonfire at the pool. I happened to glance over and see him rapturously eating a smore and proclaiming to the pool president “that he thought he could really contribute in this area...” Next thing we know, our new pantry is stocked with honey buns, our new garage filled with cheetos, and in a season of big happenings, our late night discussions are over the popularity of Sprite vs. Dr. Pepper and how to “keep the Nutter Butters from sticking.” Yes.

Lesson 3: In times of chaos, stay organized. And obey the law. 

I got a speeding ticket back in May. 35 in a 25. I cried. I think I actually was crying before the ticket which apparently caused me to speed. The kind police officer asked me, “Ma’am, where are you headed right now?” Is that part of their script? I can’t figure it out, because I looked behind me to three kids and 24 bags from Trader Joes and I said, “home.” What was he expecting? What kind of rogue adventure could I be going on with all these kids, at 35 mph,  without any gluten?

I was stressed. We had decided that week to, you know, move, the next week, and I was seeing the impact on the kids. Basically we decided to switch major things in their lives and announce it all quite cheerfully in a matter of weeks. New baby! New school! New house! Be excited!

They weren’t. I was stressed. And everywhere in this town is 25 mph or blocked by a horse drawn carriage. But, here’s what I find most degrading about a ticket: They tape a summons to your door. 

And here’s what’s worse: we’re switching the girls school and I needed two proofs of address. Between the moves and the chaos (and truly questioning what our address was) I grabbed a bill and the summons. I took a court summons to the school office to prove residency. Talk about first impressions. Stay organized friends. Don’t be like me. Because, to make matters worse, now I can’t find that court summons. And how am I supposed to go to court anyways? Who has the time? No one with the  swim team schedule. Then I realized that it might be dark and quiet in that courthouse. I could possibly read while I wait. I’m finding a way to make this happen.

Within this same time frame, I lost my driver’s license and had to go to the DMV for a replacement. (Insert horror and screaming here. ) The wait was not terrible but the experience led to what has been quite possibly my most formative experience of the summer:

Lesson 4: Never, ever, assume that they will be using the picture on file for your new license. Do your hair and make up every time you go to the DMV, even if you are just picking up a friend.  I’m so grateful that whenever I want to remember the wildness of May/June 2014, I need just look in my wallet (and quickly look away).

Travis and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary last weekend at the wedding of some crazy kids, crazy enough to get married when they were 22 and just out of college. I mean…insanity. I managed to get in a prom picture with this glamorous group to celebrate the first wedding of a generation. I don’t blend in.

Lesson 5: When pregnant, avoid bright colors and large geometric shapes.  

We rounded out the weekend with a great celebration at church at which Travis was presented with the world’s largest meatball.

Lesson 6: If husband has spent one anniversary posing with a meatball, he will again. 

Flashback to last year’s 10 year trip to New York City:

Leading me to my final lesson of the summer thus far:

Lesson 7: Be secure. (And stay safe. It’s a jungle out there.)