Breaking points and Baby Jesus

If you saw my life over the past few weeks you would have seen this (next time I won’t make them face the sun)…

and this

and this

become this

and this

and this

amazingly with the help of The Village, become this

It’s no secret that it’s easier to share pictures of my life more than sound bites.

If you heard my life right now you would, in turn, run screaming.

Tonight, I fled to FOOD LION, and Food Lion is not quiet nor peaceful. It doesn’t even smell good like nice grocery stores.  But it’s nearby and no one screams at me – usually.

Because, right now, there’s just a lot of yelling and crying and asking and yelling and shrieking.

Leila is swiftly developing her language skills. But she practices by shouting a word and waiting for us to repeat it. If we get it wrong, she shouts it again and again louder. If we get it right, she shouts it again and again louder.

The pattern culminated this week when Leila got attached to the Baby Jesus from our Little People Nativity Set. When we cleaned out the garage, she discovered the Christmas bin and because she is a third child and I am tired, nearly deaf, and with low standards, I opened it up and we celebrated Christmas in September in the driveway.

But then she fixated. So now if we get in the car and head off somewhere without the Baby Jesus she begins screaming, “JESUS!!! JESUS!!!”. I say “JESUS!!! JESUS!!!” to affirm. But then she keeps screaming it because she wants me to hand her Jesus. Which I can’t because he is somewhere on the floor of the garage.

People, I found myself, at a true breaking point, in public, in all of my maturity,  yelling back to a 22 month old.,”LOOK. HE ISN”T HERE!!! Jesus isn’t here!  We left him at home!! We LEFT JESUS AT HOME!!!!”

Any signs in your life recently that something needs to change?


5 thoughts on “Breaking points and Baby Jesus

  1. Ninaaaaaaa. (You don’t have to shout it back to me.)

    This is my favorite post EVER. I laughed so hard I cried. Thank you for sharing your life with us. You are such a gem.

    I remember shouting at Fernando once that he was so lucky to have a 45 minute commute where he could listen to books on tape, music, or just enjoy absolute silence, every single day. And if he was lucky enough to hit bad traffic that might stretch out to a whole hour!

    Just remember…it takes two for patty cake, three for ring-a-round the rosy, and four to play london bridge and not know who will be caught.

    One day – they may choose to buy a house in your hometown and become roommates….



  2. Love your honesty, your transparency. You can have no idea the freedom you bring to other moms in your season of life, just by relentlessly being YOU. Girl, I’m so proud of you…and wish I had a “you” as my role model when my kids were little. Love you!


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