My [Recent] Life in Books: The Short List

Travis sat down with his Kindle the other day and I started screaming, “What are you doing? READING? We have four kids!!! There is no READING around here!”

I was a bit tense.

Because there is still quite a bit of reading around here. Haphazard, and unfinished, books still pile up around me, in my car, next to my computer. I swore off Kindle reading for a season, the exact season I was in the hospital having a baby, so I conveniently lugged books with me. Oh the burden of being counter-cultural.

The word at Starbucks is the holidays are upon us, so consider this a bit of a gift list, maybe? This is the run down of what I’ve been reading in the last few months.

Okay, I actually read this last spring. But it’s the best fiction I have read in years. YEARS. That is all.

This is the three pounder I hauled to the hospital. Maeve Binchy just writes good, sweet, stories. They don’t chase me in my sleep or make me ponder my place in the world. Great hospital read. Almost as good as…

Yes. Because sometimes you have to remember what it was like to be fourteen and reading this. I decided post fourth c-section was that time. Maybe not such a great idea in those first nights home when I was depressed, worried about baby weight gain and up all night. Mrs. Danvers began following me down hallways. (My gift lists will never be about trends will they?)

Speaking of trends, I’ve started this but need to get back to it…just need to get some more alone time…(get it? get it?)

Finally read this one. Great great book on faith development for kids and families. REALLY liked this. Be warned. They say “sticky” a lot.

Now be ready, because these books are even more spiritual so the images are BIG…(or as you know I am so bad at this website thing…)
We went through this book as a church recently. I call it spiritual practices for normal people. Great stuff on false narratives in here.

This is a great title. And a great book goes with it. I haven’t finished it yet which is puzzling because it’s really quite wonderful. I think I just wanted to walk the title out a bit. Amazing what Peterson can do with the Psalms…

If you are wrestling with vocation, I am prone to mail this to you. In the spirit of Christmas I’m empowering you to get it for yourself (or a friend). So so good, it’s a classic: “What is your life saying to you?”

Switching gears…or perhaps not at all…

If you or someone you know loves ¬†“The Sound of Music”, get this. Get it now! The girls and I are still working through it because there are copies of scripts, and sheet music and tons of pictures and letters. It’s like an obsession, packaged and bound. There is even a DVD of silent home movies of the kids playing on location in Salzburg and pictures of Christopher Plummer smoking and brooding off set. I understand if you need a moment, it really is quite incredible. This¬†would make a great gift for that 1960’s Movie Musical lover in your family. We all have them…??

Now, in closing, because I’m tired of unsuccessfully trying to upload pictures of books (if you want to know the rest of my list email me. Seriously, I have this whole section I planned on comic memoirs, but my life is speaking to me and telling me to go to bed) Thus I end with this brief vignette: I was at the library the other day and I requested “Dora” books. We all know that Leila is partying like it’s 2006 over here with the Dora love. But here’s the difference with the third child: When the Librarian cringed and said, “I only have one Dora book and it’s written by Shakira…” I said, “I’ll take it!” With Sophia we were all about Little Critter and Rosemary Wells. Olivia still loves Eric Carle. Leila?

Oh Baby Ruthie. Let’s just start reading “Barbie saves the Mall”, right now.

Love and Library fines ( does anyone else still go to the library) to you and yours!


Once upon a time, in a kingdom closer than you think

there lived Three Princesses and a Screaming Fairy

The four sisters loved all sorts of celebrations and this year had greatly anticipated Elsaween, the day of feasting in which everyone but three people dress like Elsa, when they would parade from their Quaint Schoolhouse, around the Fair Colonial Kingdom.

Elsaween dawned bright and clear and their Dear Haggerd mother dashed off to Target early to search for Frozen party supplies for an upcoming birthday. Luckily they had a few things. She then drove through the nearest Starbucks and,when asked, agreed to upgrade her chai order to the OPRAH chai. Having long lost the confidence in her own ability to order chai, she found it best to stick with only celebrity endorsed fake tea products. It was during this series of events that The Mother realized who she was for Elsaween: American Commercial Culture Embodied. She hung her head in shame, then lifted her chin, donned her hat

and went home to lounge with the Third Princess and No Longer Screaming Fairy.

Now it was this Third Princess who really brought an Air of the Unexpected to the Kingdom on this Grandest of Days, when in a moment of both enlightenment and confusion she revealed herself to be none other than

Princess DORA ANNA of ARENDALE!!!! A truly innovative new member of Disney’s Royal Company, Princess Anna Dora/Dora Anna said No More to those cold Nordic winds, equally chilly personalities, and undeniably horrid dancing, and reclaimed the pronuciation of ANNA (Ana) for Latinas everywhere. Her appearance brought together the Young Girl Marketing Campaigns of 2000 and 2014 like never before.

She also scared her Mother whenever she came around the corner.

The Mother rallied the Now Sleeping Fairy and Princess Dora Anna and they headed to the nearby Elsaween Parade, meeting the Father on his Bike-drawn Carriage.

Cheered on by royal parents and Elsas everywhere, the Elsas and the Few Other Costumes marched triumphantly

The parade was a huge, magical, joyful success rivaled only by the Mother’s Attempt for a Group Picture:

The magic had to end at some point I suppose.