I quit blogging three years ago.  I’ve been rereading over those old posts this past week, exporting and expunging and  laughing and feeling confused over moments of which i have zero memory. What a weird and crazy thing the internet is…but it’s good be reminded of its gifts right now because I have a middle schooler and pray for it to break forever.

But, before it breaks,  I’m reworking this little space into a project on children’s faith- yours, mine, theirs. Somewhere in the midst of blogging, I went back to school and much of what I studied was faith formation  – how are we formed? How do we grow? What shapes us?

And you know what I’ve realized? Are you ready?

That which is good for children…it’s still good for all of us.

Just as moving our bodies, eating healthy, being read to, proper rest, time in nature, safe environments, seat belts, helmets, sunscreen and yes, even, can you believe it, WHOLE MILK, is good for all of us…so are the rituals, relationships, and stories most often associated with a child’s faith experience.

And, beyond that, knowing that our season of life, be it childhood, adolescence or somewhere in adulthood,  MATTERS, and contains particular responsibilities and callings is crucial.

This space is where I will archive my old stuff, post some new material and  discuss  spiritual practices and books, and humor, homes and pets and ordinary life.

I haven’t written in a while. I edit A LOT for my job, which may or may not influence my proper use of the comma. Mr. Swanson, my middle school band teacher was always encouraging after summer break. He said that we would be surprised to realize that sometimes after no practice, we could actually be better – rest was productive.

This was never once true about the flute, but I’m choosing to be hopeful here.



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