Meet Nina

Simone-019-color-web4-640x426I’m  Nina Simone, but not the Nina Simone with the  Jazz Talent or URL bearing our name.

“Songs to  Sing” is the name of one of her compilation albums  and this is my way of  paying homage to my Patron Saint of  Shared Name Confusion. These are  my songs. And this space, …it’s  my practice studio and  my prayer closet all in one. I first  began this site to work out my thoughts on motherhood, and share low quality pictures of my babies, but turns out that was not the whole story.

I live in Williamsburg, Virginia, across from The College of William and Mary, and down the street from American History, with my husband, Travis, and four small daughters. I’ve been a teacher, a healthcare marketer and now I write  – here, over at MOPs international, and in creative copywriting for developing websites. I also attend Union Presbyterian Seminary where I am slowly but surely working towards my Masters. I don’t sleep very much.

I’m not a great blogger – meaning I don’t do many giveaways, know how to add a button, or ever remember to tweet. But I’m drawn to the sheer democracy of blogging, and am grateful that this weird internet space long ago helped me find my voice.

I’m also grateful for funny people, God’s mercy, and the public library…

Oh, and  you. Thanks for stopping by. You are welcome here. Come as you are.

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