“In the Beginning, all America was Virginia” (William Byrd)

Oh, Jamestown, thank you for reminding us Virginians that we had a strong identity even before we were a Swing State…

And thanks for, yes, still being FREE for Williamsburg residents, even though it’s not advertised which makes me feel like I’m part of a secret society when I flash my ID at the cashier.

And thanks for spicing up our dress up routine…

for providing sisterhood shared experiences…

and for that moment of clarity in the Jamestown fort when I figured out what was wrong with my camera’s setting, making all the pictures foggy,

just in time to board the ships, and the camera battery to die…

But not before the realization that sometimes the difference between childhood and adulthood is as fine a line as viewing these historical bunkbeds as SO COOL or so infested.

Here’s to history!

Quick! Pinterest Brides: To the Woodworker’s Cottage, off the Palace Green, BYOBOH

(Bring Your Own Bales of Hay)

Because this is picture perfect:

Our discussion regarding three-carseats-not-fitting-in-either-of-our-cars has really gotten to me, when I am eying this wagon as possible family transportation. Colonial Williamsburg: you supply the horses, we’ll wear your garb. Everyone wins. (And I win even more when I start a side business letting Brides pose on the wagon in cowboy boots…)

Taking a little break this week. Enjoy the Summer Solstice, and if you’re like us, temperatures mild enough to be outside without being underwater…I’m pretending we live on the Cape. Have a glorious week!

Oh Williamsburg, I cannot help you if you do not help yourself.

Some friends from college posted a picture of their reunion this week. I commented about how happy it made me to see them together again.

What I did not add was that I pass their college house, the one we spent hours at doing that college brand of nothing, every day while driving to preschool.

How do I still live here?

I love it, I do, and I’m open about it. Sure, it will always be mystery to me that a town of 50,000 can support three, count them three, Chico’s, but the community, the scenery, the costumes, the college, and the ever-growing urban center that we live in (new burger place called Mooyas!) makes for a good life.

And for the most part I try not to defend it, because defending only shows you have something to hide…Right?

All that to say, when I saw this print ad:

I wanted to throw in the towel.

Done and done. Another Graduation Weekend in the Neighborhood.

And it’s no secret that this past weekend is one of my most favorite times to live here.

So, after the flurry of cheering, bell-ringing, parents and the longest lenses on cameras I have EVER seen, robes, and lots of packing…once again it was over.

Almost instantly the energy changes. It gets quieter. I can back out of my driveway without hitting student cars (or students.) I think about the possibility of  going to Aromas again. And today I watched as our WONDERFUL Garbage Collectors loaded what appeared to be 30+ plus bags of Fraternity debris into their truck. Then I oh so apologetically, asked if they could take our bulk mess, the junk I had assumed we would have to drive to the dump ourselves. They did. Note to self: Clean out house and shed every graduation weekend. Blend into the chaos.

Any great finishes for you this season? Or like me, is sometimes just being in the atmosphere enough?

[Day 3 of Love] does not…


(Love this little shop in Merchants Square, it provides a respite of boutiquey-fabulousness in this colonial town)

I have closet envy. The actual closet, not what’s inside.

I have stroller envy. Even though I have four strollers. (That felt gross even to type.)

I have Impressive Discipline Strategy Envy. Because my discipline strategies leave all of us in tears.

I envy other people’s  tranquility,wisdom, completed marathons and hair texture.

And are you ready for this? There’s this one girl I know, and  I so badly want her teeth.

When I envy, I confess “What I have is not enough.” And,  starting in the Garden, that thinking has has been the source of pain and trouble.

And if comparison is a joy-stealer, then envy is a party- pooper. Because it’s nearly impossible to celebrate someone, something, anything when I’m  jealous.

 I Corinthians 13:4 Love does not envy.


Here are some non-related readable, lovable links:

Here’s a real Closet to Envy from Elements of Style. Wow.

For anyone else who struggles with Impressive Discipline Strategies: Most Encouraging Post Ever from Lysa Terkeurst.

A friend send this around this week and  it’s for you if you ever dreamed of attending Bayside  High, (the fictional one, not the one in Virginia Beach, though I’m sure its amazing there too.)

And in case you want to follow up on Kelly Kapowski, Tiffani Thiessen runs a childrens furniture and design store. I read about PetitNest in, yes, a magazine, and they carry some really unique, non-neon, non-hairsprayed products…


All Consuming

True Confession: I drove to The Other Target at 11pm last night, and yes, Princess Celestia was there waiting for me. But so was her less-freakish cousin Sparkly.

It was very serene being out in the late hours. A silent understanding passes between shoppers  – a mutual respect for each others commitment, insanity, and procrastination. People are kind and helpful, partially because they are half-comatose. I might actually convert to midnight shopping. (Hello first official Christmas as my mother.)

If you do have to shop today and are unsure what to get,  before you settle,  consider this:

Last year I read an article  about gift giving that mentioned a superstar talk show host who, on principle,  gave only consumable gifts. According to my vague memory,  it was either Oprah, Ellen, or Martha. It struck me that someone with massive resources and incredible access gave items that, if enjoyed, would disappear.

And then this past summer, some of my favorite birthday gifts were a bottle of wine, a  large chocolate bar  and a People magazine – each enjoyed immensely, each from different friends. I had previously attached a highert value to items  that you kept forever , but I’m changing my thinking…

Attention last minute shoppers: This town boasts The Peanut Shop, The Cheese Shop, The Wythe Candy Shop, and The Williamsburg Winery – all specialty stores filled with delightful, consumable gifts. What local food or wine shops are in your town?  Because they are specialty stores everything is packaged uniquely and the staff are usually helpful and knowledgable. Plus, giving a gift from your local place personalizes it almost as much as making it yourself. And when it tastes better, everyone wins.

And when your gift disappears by next month, you can be assured that the recipient enjoyed it completely, without worrying about where to store, wear, or display it…

What consumable gifts do you love to give?


images: Pinterest