Ian Falconer! How do you see into my soul?

Because this is the best thing I have read in weeks:

We are fans of Olivia the Pig  for obvious reasons. And the previous books are great…that smart kind of humor that is totally over the kid’s heads but still engages them.

But this latest one? Oh sweet rest for the Princess Weary.

Falconer’s sattire on the pink, princess, fairy obsession is unmatched.

Olivia does not want to be a princess, or at least not one in pink. WHY WHY does everyone else around her? She explores the alternatives and finally figures out her true vocational dream.I laughed out loud as my Olivia really didn’t get it at all. This one will connect the least with kids but should be on the bookshelf of any adult who has accidentally (or not accidentally) been caught vacuuming up tulle.

and this I have learned of marriage…

ineffective neurotic communication:

“Do you realize this is happening in two months? TWO MONTHS!!!! Why are you not freaking out like I am freaking out? Are you internalizing this? Do you feel this the way I do?!!! Why not? Have you not internalized this? INTERNALIZE THIS!!!

effective neurotic communication:

“I need a hot fudge sundae from Mcdonalds, within the next three hours. Do not forget the nuts.”

He brought two and I froze one for the next day (yes I did), proving that the delectable hot fudge does not, in fact, need to be hot to be delectable.

Need I mention that it’s $1.25?

Oh Fast Food Nation, this summer I must salute you…

The One Bookstore not Pushing Fifty Shades of Anything…

And I love it for many other reasons, but this summer that one is near the top. Anyone else feel assaulted by a certain marketing campaign?

I also find it more and more difficult to find anything unique. So many small, shops “around the corner” sell a lot of the same, that my litmus test has become the absence two things 1. Vera Bradley and 2. College Tumblers. (Both I love in their own place, but they are an indicator of usual, big-name, gift shoppy items.)

This store has neither.

But it has many, many treasures.

When I went in last week looking for something for Travis for our anniversary (NINE years? Apparently we got married when we were fourteen,) I found something perfect within minutes and remembered what a glorious treasure trove Mermaid Books is on Prince George Street..

And I remembered why I hadn’t been inside in so long: it’s downstairs, read: not stroller accessible, read: go there if only to escape the strollers who will instead be looping the wide aisles in Williams Sonoma to soak up the AC.

Happy Friday – I guess I disappeared this week…there may soon be a series of catch-up posts or one long ridiculous catch-all post, I haven’t decided:)

Someone Please Tell Me if I Should See This Movie:

Because the book is an old, tattered friend of mine. This month found under my favorite category “what you should be feeling” (can every month in my life come with this wisdom?) was the following:

 – a growing sense of reality about the pregnancy ( favorite symptom of month nine as well)

fewer mood swings (emphasis mine), though you’ll likely still be weepy and irritable occasionally (hello life.)

– continued absentmindedness (huh?)

Wow, that information was educational and helpful. Thank you.


As for the movie I will NOT be missing this season:

I love the Batman movies. It’s a weird thing, because I don’t care about any other movies in this genre. No, I have not even seen The Avengers, or whatever movies Hugh Jackman is in. I’ve never seen Spiderman all the way through, or even The Incredibles.

But I never miss a Batman.  I love his mansion, and his angst, and his car, and Alfred. The last one was a bit, umm, dark for me. I have hope for this one though – hope that The Dark Knight Rises…into some sunshine? Into joy? Into a real sense of peace with his split identities?

If you could see one movie this summer, what would it be?

Why Can’t Everyone Be this Honest?

Relationally, it would just save us all some time, angst, and ambiguity:

Look.  This is how I am toxic. Consider yourself warned.

If you exhibit the following unacceptable, clearly delineated symptoms, you are toxic. Stay away.

Thank you, Sea World, for exhibiting strong and healthy boundaries, and allowing me, in one glimpse, to compensate for still not having read any of Dr. Cloud’s books.

      Ridiculous sounding, albeit necessary, signs are a new obsession. (I know, I just keep getting cooler. )


In 1988, I wanted to marry Tom Hanks

It didn’t work out. I was seven. That year he married Rita Wilson.

 This month, she  released her first album.

I’ve always had a heart, if not stalker facination for Rita. Those feelings became immense gratitude when she discovered a quirky,  little off-Broadway, one-woman show and made it into the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and then went on to produce the movie version of “Mama Mia.” Love the framework of songs from the 60’s being heard on AM, and ones from the 70’s being heard on FM. And by the way, the emotional connection I feel to her rendition of “Angel of the Morning” combined with the title of this post further support the theory that I was born middle-aged.

Go here to hear samples of AM/FM.

Hear Rita talk about the album here.


In other links:

Love what Rachel Held Evans says here about her Pre-Pinterest Wedding. I totally get this. My bridesmaids dresses have long since been delegated to the Student Ministries skit closet, but marriage (not to Tom Hanks) gets better and better.

Abby encourages us “unfinished ones” here. Oh how I needed this as I sit here in my dining room/laundry storage/craft/office area.

Jeff Goins gives a different spin on a parable here. I like what he has to say about our life’s work.

Also, FYI, parents of small girls, Meg consigns her daughters clothing once a week on her blog. The clothes are beautiful and I would snatch all of them up if Olivia wore more than one dress per year.

Read anything great this week?  Please share!  And have a wonderful weekend…